We Gotta Do Something!

by Thursday.

So I was reading this article at Feministing.

To Whom It May Concern (because I’ve really given up keeping track of you),

Congratulations for making extremely generalised statements about the state of sexism in Africa! I mean, there’s surely nothing being done in Rwanda or South Africa. In fact, I don’t really think they have any feminist movements of their own. Even so, our amazing Western [white] feminists aren’t doing anything either! I’m just going to wait for them to set up camp so we can bow in reverence and awe to their magical efforts which will instantly reverse the situation in Africa City. Or something.

How lovely it is that you care so much about sexism in some far off place without examining your own efforts to contribute to it!

I must emphasize how stirred I am by your vague and ill-defined Call to Action. Surely, it is hard to find people these days who care enough not to google the subject and see what’s actually happening! So for today, I’ve marked “Solving sexism in Africa”, and tomorrow, we’ll put an end to all those nasty military dictatorships in Latin America. (Oh wait…)

Yours sincerely,


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