Judge says: Rapists are lucky.

by Wednesday.

Trigger warning for sexual assault and rape.

Five men who raped a schoolgirl have had the charge of rape reduced to aggravated sexual assault. They have been given jail terms ranging from 3½ years to 5 years.

A High Court judge yesterday sentenced five youths to jail and caning for sexually assaulting a teenager two years ago and told them to count themselves lucky the prosecution had been so generous with them. #

Ikr, so lucky for them, right? *seethes*

It is unclear why the charge was reduced, but this happened after the victim had given her testimony behind closed doors.

Justice Chan said: ‘This is the first time I have come across a case (of aggravated outrage of modesty) where the agreed facts of the case the accused admitted to could have fitted penile penetration without consent.’

‘Penile penetration without consent’? That’s rape.

Some time the next morning, the victim agreed to sex with Lim, but was later assaulted by the five.

I hope to God that was taken to be a ‘mitigating factor’.


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