Aid for Pakistan

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by Thursday.

I’ve been hearing crap about how Pakistan deserves the floods for being backwards Moozlems, or for corruption, or terrorism, or what have you. It’s both darkly hilarious and extremely depressing that we’ve fallen so deeply in love with hate. If I see this in comments, be warned. I have a pitchfork.

Anyway: Good Intentions Are Not Enough has some excellent general guidelines, but here are specific ones:

1. Give to an established organization already on the ground and with experience working locally.
2. Give cash, not goods. Shipping items to Pakistan is expensive. With cash, organizations can buy what they need closer to the disaster site.
3. Don’t earmark your donation, but give to an organization that you trust to allocate your money wisely.

List of charities:

Oxfam (link to the English site, also available in French and Spanish)

Red Cross (link to English site, also available in French and Spanish). You can take spare change to a bank and tell them to accept it as a microdonation to the Red Cross as well.

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) (link to English site, also available in French)

Tonic, Global Giving. & InterAction have lists of charities with solid reputations. Eidhi Foundation & Islamic Relief have also been working in the area for several years.

Let’s do what we can.

ETA by Wednesday:
For Singapore readers, Mercy Relief, a local humanitarian organisation, has a track record of dedicated service in disaster response regionally.


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