So we went out shopping, and…

Image of a window display advertising clothing, with placards as detailed blow.

Bonjours à toutes et à tous !

Thurs and I were ambling along when we saw this window display in the mall the other day, and I absolutely had to stop and stare.

‘What’s the matter, dear?’ quoth Thursday.


Let’s look at the doggie sign in the window, friends.

Hot girls know where cool guys get their groove on.
This is not a statement of empowerment. This is not a celebration of female sexuality. This is an advertisement that translates as: ‘Buy our jeans, for to attract the laydeez.’ Women are prizes, and we guarantee that our products will aid you in conquest.

Wearing risqué lingerie to work is secretly hot.
Again, it’s not about empowerment. (More’s the pity, because pretty underwear? Is fun. If you choose to wear it. Not if you are nagged into wearing it, to please a partner unwillingly, or to satisfy the demands of the patriarchy that you appear presentable fuckable at all times.) This is about the male gaze.

Red lipstick is seductively hot.

Being one of the guys is surprisingly hot.
Why surprisingly? Oh, right; because nowadays there are too many men who are not acting like dudebros. *wrings hands in dismay* What will become of the world?! Dismantling the gender binary is a disaster! Separating gender identity from gender performance is awful! So, men (who are cis, clearly; that’s the only way to be a man), please perform masculinely. Otherwise you have only yourself to blame for lacking virility. (What’s that? Your goal in life is not to conquer/own women heterosexually? For shame! You call yourself a man?)

Indulging in guilty pleasures is hot, hotter, hottest. and Treating the world as your oyster is tastefully hot.
You will forgive this wishy-washy liberal socialist pinko-commie writer for not finding wanton consumerism either tasteful or hot. More to the point, I don’t find gender stereotypes of the most abject sort particularly entertaining, especially when they are stereotypes of woman as unreasonable, irrational, neurotic, childish/spoilt. It is infantilisation, designed to disempower and disenfranchise. Heaven knows it’s been used to this purpose before.

And, no, this writer does not find this sort of thing very funny.


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