A little bit on the EMoon FAIL.

by Wednesday.

[personal profile] jhameia, from Intersectionality Dreaming, has come up with a comprehensive linkspam covering the Elizabeth Moon fail. I think Thursday has tweeted about the fail — Thurs. was, understandably, very annoyed (I tell a lie, for that is an understatement; thou hast never seen an unleashed, Tasmanian Devil-esque Thursday). Altogether, this has not exactly been the best year in SFF writers and race (I do not think, EBear, that ‘deathmarch’ means what you think it means), and that too is an understatement.

[personal profile] sanguinity‘s coverage of the most recent fail, especially as it pertains to Moon’s virulent disregard toward the Native peoples of America in her anti-immigrant screed.

Cat Valente of Apex Magazine has decided to respond to the EMoon fail by opening up a magazine issue that will feature only creators of Arab and/or Muslim descent:

I would like to announce that the November issue of Apex will be an entirely Arab/Muslim issue. It will be beautiful. It will showcase writers of Arab descent and Muslim writers. (I am aware that many folk not of Arab descent are Muslim, that’s why I’m structuring it this way, so that writers from either culture or both can be part of the issue.) It will show how Islam is as much a part of the human experience as any other faith or story system that writers of the fantastic draw from. It will be a small thing, in the grand scheme. It will not save the world. But it will exist, and perhaps in its own way can stand beside the recent ugliness in the SFF world as something bright and good.

I am looking for material, but most especially poetry, from Muslim authors and authors of Arab descent. Let’s make it easy: if you think you might “count,” then you do. Southeast Asian Muslims, yes. American Muslims, yes. Anybody with a connection to the cultures of Islam, yes. The subject of your works can be anything you like, but I am only looking for authors with connections to Islam and/or the Arabic world. Please do not send reprints, we have that covered.

I want to do what I can. This is a thing I can do. I believe it will be extraordinary. #

What pisses me off is how much the word I appears in that submissions call. Dear Nice Lady, it’s not about you. (And if Valente knows that there is over-conflation of Arab identity and Muslim identity in the media, why does she even have to mention it? I don’t get it. It could be phrased quite simply as ‘It will showcase Muslim writers’, or even ‘Muslim writers across cultures and national borders‘ for extra-special guilt-laden inclusivity. Please don’t feed the ‘Arab = Muslim’ troll!)

But we’ll see how it goes. Any publicity is good publicity, amirite? And at least it opens up spaces for writers who are typically ignored in global literature power-play. I think/hope.

ETA: Apex replies here. I am wondering how many of the people calling the shots are Arab and/or Muslim, still.


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