WisCon allows EMoon to speak. Yay.

ETA by Thursday: WisCon has disinvited EMoon. After much dithering. It’s a start, at least :)

Folks, I am angry but not surprised that WisCon is proud to allow EMoon to continue as a GOH.

How can I be surprised? How can I be shocked? Not when the burden of proof is always placed on the marginalised community to forgive and educate their oppressors. Not when the privileged group feels entitled to forgiveness and education. For ‘no matter how bad we mess up, they’ll still give way’, or something.

Because I cannot reconcile a spirit of inclusivity and a respect for immigrants and Muslims with WisCon’s statement.

Even though we strongly disavow these elements of Ms. Moon’s post, we have not rescinded her invitation to be a Guest of Honor, nor do we plan to do so. The WisCon planning committee selected Ms. Moon earlier this year based on her past work and our feeling that she would make a positive contribution to WisCon. After extensive conversation in recent days, and having spoken directly with Ms. Moon on the subject, we continue to believe that her presence will contribute to the Con.

Contribute how? By courting controversy?

We know that opinions are not changed by running away from them, but instead by engaging with them, challenging their assumptions, sharing knowledge, seeking understanding, and by lively and candid discourse.

Yes, it’s up to you, the oppressed to engage, challenge, share, and understand. While being lively and candid. My God. What is this.

We understand that our decision to continue to honor someone who has expressed these views will upset some members of the community

No shit.

but we fervently hope that her inclusion will not lead anyone to feel unwelcome at WisCon.

Oh, right. Hey, Thursday, do you feel welcome? Cuz I’m sure not feeling any warm-hearted welcoming, and I’m not even part of Moon’s target group.

The WisCon programming committee is already accepting panel ideas dealing with Islam and Islamophobia

See above: because Islam 101 and Islamophobia 101 are the responsibilities of Muslims to speak out on. It’s not as if EMoon or those like her have any fucking duty to educate themselves and, I don’t know, not be racist. Because racism is this state that well-meaning white people accidentally, somehow fall into, and need the help of Muslim people and immigrants to get out of.

and we hope to take further steps to welcome new voices from the Muslim world, immigrant communities, and others who might feel are threatened by nativist swings of the political pendulum.

I don’t think ‘Join us, people who are complicit in your oppression!’ is a very reasonable message to send. But that’s just me.

We have every expectation that WisCon 35 will feature some intense, passionate and possibly agonizing debates.

But we’re going to go ahead and hit all your triggers all the same.

Fuck this shit.

Wednesday, the ranty one.

And Thursday thinks she comes across as angry. But hey. Angry is productive. Angry is powerful. Angry is my unrestrained, once-silenced voice being loud. Amen for that.


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