Rally to Confirm a Social Structure of Ableism

Dear JStew,

I like political commentary. I like smart, witty political commentary. I like you and Colbert just fine.

And, hey, Rallies to Restore Sanity are great.


Sanity? Really?

So. Mob violence is insanity? Dog-whistling is insanity? Smear campaigns are insanity?

Violent partisanship = insanity. Got it.

I know what you meant, JStew, I really do. I know what you meant to say by insanity.

I know you didn’t mean to equate neurodivergence with evil.

But you did, JStew. You and your TAB network people are doing so right now. You’re making insanity a target for jokes, and a target for attack. And all the progressive people who go to your march and don’t question your language — you’re feeding them the idea that it’s somehow okay to be ableist as long as you’re suitably leftist and ID as progressive.

Which is so not okay.

Wednesday, who is ND


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