do something already.

by Wednesday.
Trigger warning for sexual assault.

In today’s Straits Times: ‘PR fined for molesting doctor.’

Well and good, but the article specifies that ‘Pham Thia Ha, 30, a IT engineer was fined $8,000 for using criminal force on a doctor at Raffles Medical Clinic [emphasis mine].’ Criminal force, because ‘he was then aroused, and reached for her hand and tried to tug it towards him’, and he should not have laid hands upon her, but the last paragraph of the article also adds:

Pham left the room but returned a while later to apologise; he also laid a finger on his lips to ask for her discretion. Pham, defended by Mr P.E. Ashokan, could have been jailed for up to two years, fined or caned or received any combination of the punishments for outrage of modesty.

Then why wasn’t he? is what I’d like to know.

Recently, so much fail when it comes to enforcing harsh punishment on perpetrators of sexual assault.


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