#MooreandMe: My support

Day 6

I’ve been away, but I’ve been following #Mooreandme as much as I could whenever I grabbed internet access.

I am angry-upset-frightened-angry-bitter at all the trolls who have been making the hashtag a deliberately unsafe space for survivors.

I am proud of all of us who braved it to add our voices to the chorus, and I also love everyone who has engaged in offline activism because Twitter is not a goddamn barometer of how progressive you are tyvm. There are people working for a fairer world IRL every day, too.

I am furious at #allyfail — people who claim to support #Mooreandme but who call Assange’s accusers ‘girls’ rather than ‘women’, and who use ‘crazy’, ‘mad’, ‘insane’ and ‘stupid’ as the ableist slurs that they are.

I am justifiably laughing in sadness for the trolls who see no problem in scorning male allies and feminists and survivors as ‘less than men’ (which means ‘person’ or ‘human’, to these pathetic evil beings) and who decide that the best way to put women down is the call them ‘bitches’ and ‘cunts’.

I revel in my full personhood as a girl, as a survivor, as a mad person, as a feminist.

I protest — vociferously — to those who co-opt their own experiences to shame or silence survivors.

@KeithOlbermann and @MMFlint have failed — failed hard and failed publicly — by naming survivors, by enabling rape apologism, by repeating lies, by not retracting their statements, by not shutting down the misogynists who have delighted in harassing, threatening, and belittling feminists, allies, and survivors.

Assange himself has failed visibly in his repetition of rape apologism and his obvious comfort with his supporters’ actions and words.

@SadyDoyle has succeeded in the spirit, if not the letter, of #Mooreandme. Because we are here, we are speaking out, and we will not go away.

Thank you, everyone.


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