In Ur Media, Feedin Ur Sterrotips

Thoughts while watching today’s Channel 5 episode of Point of Entry:

– WTF is with the stereotype of the depraved, criminal Nigerian immigrant preying on local women?
– WTF is with the stereotype of the depraved, criminal gay man selling illegal sex toys?
– WTF is with the stereotype of the rebellious slut who abandons her conservative Malay-Muslim values and elopes with aforementioned Nigerian man and buys from aforementioned gay Chinese man? and her family going ‘I told you so’? Totally no agency at all, they haven’t, those wimminz. Or morals. Oh, wimminz.
– WTF is with the character of the law enforcement officer questioning a witness: ‘Was he Indian? Chinese? Singaporean? Malay?’ Is Singaporean some kind of nebulous ethnic nationality now? Perhaps there are mutant Merlions walking around whom we don’t know about.

So damning.

I can’t believe I was tempted to give this show a chance when it first aired. I admit I was biased by the fact that there was homoerotic subtext between the protagonist and his live-in boyfriend very close friend. Of course, I could but hope, because it is illegal to ‘promote or glamorise’ homosexuality on TV, and that means anything where there is a happy ending for queer folks.

(Also, it is telling that the show inadvertently caused viewers to sympathise with the human traffickers and undocumented economic migrants from the Southeast Asian mainland. Inadvertently. Because these are the villains, but look what the ‘heroes’ are like.)


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