I like rape jokes with my pancakes and jam.

by Weds.
TW for criticism of a rape joke.

Omigod, Straits Times Life! section? Did you just make a rape joke yes you made a rape joke.

Context: John Lui’s article on working at a pastry shop making crêpes.

#protip 1: Crêpes are not pronounced with an ay sound for the e-with-circumflex.

#protip 2: Ergo, they do not rhyme with rape.

#protip 3: Where in hell does anyone get off joking about a pancake stall being called Serial Crêpeist-rhymes-with-rape?!

I stopped reading right there okay. And flailed. Because. What the shit. Seriously.

Did the Penny Arcade FAIL not clue you in to the fact that rape jokes hurt real people?


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