Breaking News: Women are not people.

I don’t give a shit about your politics. I don’t care whose side you’re on. (And there are people w/o a side. Deal with it.)

I don’t give a shit about that.

What I want to say is this: you disgust me, all of you, linking and retweeting to a candidate’s personal pictures & private information, making scurrilous speculations about their life.

The Straits Times asked Tin Pei Ling about her marital status and whether she would have children. That was misogynist. Irrelevant detail only thought relevant b/c these are thought women’s affairs, b/c a patriarchal society expects these to affect her job performance. Misogynist.

The Temasek Review is no better. No, not just that – it’s much, much worse. It’s tearing down a candidate simply b/c of her personal appearance & her relationship history, positioning her as a ‘gold-digger’ b/c that’s it, isn’t it, that’s all a woman ever amounts to. Defined by her sexual relationships. & surely choosing them based on $, b/c she is incapable of supporting herself.

The comentariat on Temasek Review and Online Citizen also need to get their fucking act together. Bitch. Cunt. Slut. If ever there were a case to be made against the reclamation of gendered insults, Exhibit A would be the comments threads. (And I say this as someone who very proudly takes those words back from patriarchy.)

Seriously, Singapore Internet. Wake the fuck up. Sometimes I hate you soverymuch. Don’t claim to be politically aware and whatever, not when you can’t even be bothered to treat people as human beings.

— Weds.


2 responses to “Breaking News: Women are not people.

  1. “when you can’t even be bothered to treat people as human beings”
    Oh, and was Chia Thye Poh treated as a human being?
    If she chose to side with the devil, she deserves to be burnt at the stake. Or worse. Sorry, it’s my country I have to fight for.

    • lol’ing so fucking hard.

      My point here, me duckie, is not that she doesn’t deserve to be criticised. Politicians should in fact be under scrutiny. That’s accountability, trufax.

      My point is that her treatment is founded on misogyny. The gaze and pressure being put on her are patriarchal. And that – a deliberate decision to address the trappings of feminity, using language that is infantilising in a culture where women are infantilised, using her relationship history in a culture where women are judged on their sexual morality – that is morality, and that’s what disgusts me, and that’s what’s wrong.

      Or, what, this isn’t my country? b/c I identify as female-gendered? I can’t want freedom in terms of equality?

      See what I meant in my first paragraph by black-and-white making fools of everyone?

      No love,

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