In Spite Of, or Because Of.

Whoever came to this blog by googling “tin pei ling + slut”? Get out. Get the fuck out of this place, and go and have a good think. I want no part of your politics.

You call yourselves advocates of democracy, you people shilling for the opposition with unthinking faith. Excuse my lack of enthusiasm. I see no freedom in your words or actions.

You just proved my fucking point about the undercurrent of misogyny under the thin veneer of political concern that’s going on so much right now.

Let me recapitulate:

(1) There is nothing wrong with criticising politicians.
(2) Politicians should be held accountable, after all.
(3) There is a lot wrong with framing criticism in terms of bigotry.
(4) Tin Pei Ling is being criticised in the language of misogyny.
(5) She is being called ‘a little girl’, infantilising a grown woman.
(6) She is being called a ‘gold-digger’, and hauled over the coals for her personal relationships. This is a culture where women are judged on their sexual histories and defined by their relationships with men, rather than considered on their own merit.
(7) Words like ‘cunt’, ‘slut’, and ‘bitch’ are being used to demean. Words have oppressive histories. Don’t even use the reclamation argument because reclamation only holds when it’s being deliberately reactionary and used by a member of the marginalised group.
(8) It is completely possible to criticise Tin Pei Ling without using the language and ideas of misogny.

Dear patriarchy, GTFO.

No love,

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