I am a car, or a wallet, or possibly a house.

Delurking to say this:

When rape apologists, in the process of victim-blaming, compare the crime of sexual assault to theft or robbery or burglary – when they refer to how a survivor was dressed or behaved with allusions to unlocked car doors or open wallets or un-alarmed doors and windows – what they are saying is this:

That bodies are property. That the violation of someone’s bodily autonomy is akin to the theft of property. That someone’s right to sexual freedom and consent is nothing more than property.

In effect, then, we are to constantly erase or invisibilise our bodies from the public sphere. That is what they mean.

And that’s why it is so disingenuous a comparison. Because no one argues with the right of your car or wallet or house to exist, but our bodies must be taken out of the equation.

– M. We.

One response to “I am a car, or a wallet, or possibly a house.

  1. I am glad to see you posted again. The victim is always the easiest person to place blame on, age is irrelevant.

    By placing the blame on the victim it takes their responsibility of doing something away. They are no longer responsible for what happened, and they aren’t responsible for the solution. They are left with a “clean” conscience because of the victim’s unappropriated behavior initiated the attack.

    Somebody close to me experienced this first hand a young age. She was attacked by a “family friend” when she was home alone. She was able fight him off and escape. When her parents returned home, her father was outraged. How could his daughter be such a “whore” to sunbath in a one piece swim suit, she must be at fault.

    As far as I am concerned, those that take part in victim-blaming are accomplices to the crime. And our society is too acceptant of sexual assault.

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