About Us

About this Blog

This blog is a safe space: no one should be made to feel unwelcome, threatened, or hurt based on their self-chosen identifiers.

This blog is progressive: we want to change society to make it an inclusive place.

This blog is feminist: we believe in promoting gender equality.

This blog is intersectional: we acknowledge that many discriminations exist, and that feminism and progressiveness cannot challenge one without challenging all.

This blog is postcolonial: the authors are Commonwealth children whose ancestries have experienced imperialism and who seek to challenge a world view that privileges the experience of North America, Western Europe, and white Oceania.

About the Authors

Wednesday is a queer, atheist Chinese girl of Catholic background, who has oodles of messy headspace, and a tendency toward run-on sentences.

Thursday is South Asian, Muslim, genderqueer, and has OCD. Preferred pronoun is keoi (pronounced: kweih).