Breaking News: Women are not people.

I don’t give a shit about your politics. I don’t care whose side you’re on. (And there are people w/o a side. Deal with it.)

I don’t give a shit about that.

What I want to say is this: you disgust me, all of you, linking and retweeting to a candidate’s personal pictures & private information, making scurrilous speculations about their life.

The Straits Times asked Tin Pei Ling about her marital status and whether she would have children. That was misogynist. Irrelevant detail only thought relevant b/c these are thought women’s affairs, b/c a patriarchal society expects these to affect her job performance. Misogynist.

The Temasek Review is no better. No, not just that – it’s much, much worse. It’s tearing down a candidate simply b/c of her personal appearance & her relationship history, positioning her as a ‘gold-digger’ b/c that’s it, isn’t it, that’s all a woman ever amounts to. Defined by her sexual relationships. & surely choosing them based on $, b/c she is incapable of supporting herself.

The comentariat on Temasek Review and Online Citizen also need to get their fucking act together. Bitch. Cunt. Slut. If ever there were a case to be made against the reclamation of gendered insults, Exhibit A would be the comments threads. (And I say this as someone who very proudly takes those words back from patriarchy.)

Seriously, Singapore Internet. Wake the fuck up. Sometimes I hate you soverymuch. Don’t claim to be politically aware and whatever, not when you can’t even be bothered to treat people as human beings.

— Weds.


Of Star Trek, Spring Break, and Sexual Assault

Trigger warning for mention of rape/assault especially of inebriated persons, and of sexual slavery.

For those who don’t know me, I am a student in a field related to media analysis, and I’m a rape survivor, so these are both issues in which I have really strong interests. Specifically, I’ll be addressing the rape-apologist ‘Spring Break’ T-shirts marketed by the Star Trek franchise.

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I like rape jokes with my pancakes and jam.

by Weds.
TW for criticism of a rape joke.

Omigod, Straits Times Life! section? Did you just make a rape joke yes you made a rape joke.

Context: John Lui’s article on working at a pastry shop making crêpes.

#protip 1: Crêpes are not pronounced with an ay sound for the e-with-circumflex.

#protip 2: Ergo, they do not rhyme with rape.

#protip 3: Where in hell does anyone get off joking about a pancake stall being called Serial Crêpeist-rhymes-with-rape?!

I stopped reading right there okay. And flailed. Because. What the shit. Seriously.

Did the Penny Arcade FAIL not clue you in to the fact that rape jokes hurt real people?

#MooreandMe: My support

Day 6

I’ve been away, but I’ve been following #Mooreandme as much as I could whenever I grabbed internet access.

I am angry-upset-frightened-angry-bitter at all the trolls who have been making the hashtag a deliberately unsafe space for survivors.

I am proud of all of us who braved it to add our voices to the chorus, and I also love everyone who has engaged in offline activism because Twitter is not a goddamn barometer of how progressive you are tyvm. There are people working for a fairer world IRL every day, too.

I am furious at #allyfail — people who claim to support #Mooreandme but who call Assange’s accusers ‘girls’ rather than ‘women’, and who use ‘crazy’, ‘mad’, ‘insane’ and ‘stupid’ as the ableist slurs that they are.

I am justifiably laughing in sadness for the trolls who see no problem in scorning male allies and feminists and survivors as ‘less than men’ (which means ‘person’ or ‘human’, to these pathetic evil beings) and who decide that the best way to put women down is the call them ‘bitches’ and ‘cunts’.

I revel in my full personhood as a girl, as a survivor, as a mad person, as a feminist.

I protest — vociferously — to those who co-opt their own experiences to shame or silence survivors.

@KeithOlbermann and @MMFlint have failed — failed hard and failed publicly — by naming survivors, by enabling rape apologism, by repeating lies, by not retracting their statements, by not shutting down the misogynists who have delighted in harassing, threatening, and belittling feminists, allies, and survivors.

Assange himself has failed visibly in his repetition of rape apologism and his obvious comfort with his supporters’ actions and words.

@SadyDoyle has succeeded in the spirit, if not the letter, of #Mooreandme. Because we are here, we are speaking out, and we will not go away.

Thank you, everyone.


This is what rape culture does.

It takes you and tears you apart. It re-victimises you. It victimises everybody, makes them part of a horrific social evil. Everybody who laughs at rape jokes, everybody who makes a ‘Well, she, you know…’ excuse, everybody who didn’t know what they did was rape, everybody who has been raped.

Trigger warning for assault and victim-blaming.

This post will not be easy to write.

This post will be angry, and bitter, and resigned.

This post will say nothing that has not already been said, but I will say it again.

It does not matter if a man is famous. It does not matter if he is part of a movement you believe in. It does not matter if he produces work that you find great or compelling.

A person can do good things, and at the same time do bad things.

You can support WikiLeaks, without condoning rape culture.

Cut for triggering content.